The flea market! Your one-stop-shop for fruit, ham, empty jars, drums, floral-print sheets, and authlentic cyclops-crafted clubs!

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  1. JC

    Hat Kid!

  2. MidnightDStroyer

    I’ve only one question about Darius…How the hell does he communicate with other-dimensional entities if they don’t know English? ‘Ol Zuka there had a few decades to pick it up from TV & books an’shit, but what about the newer arrivals? How the He-al did they know the language by the time Darius found them?

    • Eiji Wolf
      Eiji Wolf

      They all speak English, apparently. Even the Midgardian berserker, albeit with an ancient-ish accent (I assume, from the font).
      Perhaps it’s a property of the portals, perhaps something else…

      • Sonya

        I don’t think the cyclops kid spoke English when Darius met him. He just learned enough to sing a song about buying clubs!

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