Troy and Abed as KONNNN-GOHLS!

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  1. KitsuneMusician

    Ever since finding this jem of a comic I have been enjoying it immensely not only for the badass character Zukah himself but the CONSTANT references to my fave movies games and TV shows strewn throughout the comic itself.
    Keep up the AWESOME work I can never wait for saturday’s just to see what will happen next. So over the top and witty this comic has my seal of approval.

    • Otty

      What a wonderful thing to wake up to! Thank you very kindly.

      • KitsuneMusician

        I am most pleased and you deserve it.

    • Sonya

      I am very curious about which movie/ game/ etc references you’ve been enjoying. Any particular ones that stick out in your mind?

      Also, I would like to say thank you very much as well! :)

      • KitsuneMusician

        Army of Darkness for one the boomstick reference is a dead give away, WWE Jerry the King Lawler and Jim Ross commentary was killer, the begining reminded me of platoon or saving private ryan. I could go one I found a lot of references that reminded me of something or another which is why I enjoyed it so much, I am always anxious to see the next surprise with each update.
        Need I go on?

      • KitsuneMusician

        Some parts almost The Maxx style with Zukah talkin to himself trapped in his own little world, so much nostalgia.

  2. Nevae

    Nice trigger discipline from Darius in that last panel. His big green mate still appears ill at ease tho.

    Must of been the speech?

  3. DaemonDan

    I feel like there should have been a secret gnome in this sequence, if it is actually “following” Zukah around. Unless it’s so secret I missed it.

  4. Yakumo

    From a bit in the future, I still love the wish I knew the boom speech line, as well as the conflict of interest one too. Nice.

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