Chapter Three: Burn it Down

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  1. DarkKnightNNY

    Woooo! Chapter 3 and already so full of mysteries. Like, where did his bitchin’ vest go? What is he so happy about? When do we get a second chorus of “Bro Your Dude”? …and more importantly, what happened to Private Skip?

  2. Michael Yakutis

    Niiiiiice cover!

  3. Nevae

    Did Zukah fill a ball pit with Kirby Dots? Seems like something he’d do. Only they appear to have eaten his shirt, poor bloke.

  4. Beda

    i came here from little gamers, and just started to read this.
    i can’t wait for the next page, i really enjoy it!

    • Otty

      Welcome aboard!

  5. MidniteInsomniax

    Just read through the whole comic in one sitting and the change that’s happened in less than a year is mind blowing!!! Keep up the epic work guys I am hooked!!!!

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