Wait, that wasn't a portal. It was YOUR MOTHER AAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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  1. DarkKnightNNY

    Damn. All these years of MU*ing and it never occurred to me. It’s the perfect excuse! “Where’s the car keys?” – Portal took ’em. “Where’s your homework?” – Portal took ’em. “Who burned down the neighbor’s house?” – Portal took it in the middle of the night because of that damn, loud dog that wouldn’t shut up.

    Man, I’m gonna have to start using this everywhere!! Thank you! You guys are geniuses!

    • Otty

      Those things are a serious menace!

  2. Moku

    Haha, wow. Zukah’s hands are so big that he can only fit two fingers in the mug’s handle.

    • MidniteInsomniax

      I bet he could use old man Ryan’s trident like a fork!!

      • Otty

        You sayin’ you know where to get a trident, Midniiiiiiiwaitaminute this sounds familiar…

  3. DaemonDan

    Zukah, you are so wise for being a gigantic green alien hermit, unsure if any of this is real or if you just gave in to your insanity.

    • Otty

      Some hints at Zukah’s history being dropped on this page. He witnessed the Civil Rights movement from the perspective of the people he was closest to at the time — the people living in the same types of slums as him — and he’s been around to watch the aftermath of it.

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