Note how Zukah gets smaller when his confidence fails. ZUKAHNAUT is often filtered through the perceptions of its protagonist.

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  1. Kaldrath

    Everytime I go through the effort of getting Zukah into shape he goes and drinks it all back on! I’m going to have to put him through another year of training, maybe three. *sage nod*

    • Otty

      I think you’ve got a lost cause there, buds. Zukahnauts gon’ Zukah.

      • kaldrath

        When has he ever been trained willingly?

        • kaldrath

          Well, When has he trained willingly I mean to say. Though my point still stands…

  2. MidniteInsomniax

    Now Zukah is drunk AND high…

    • MidnightDStroyer

      As usual, it’s coming down from a high that sucks. At least the beer has numbed him a bit…Maybe not enough to do any good though.

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