Go get the Bronco, Shawn... And come back for me.

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  1. Kaldrath

    Here we go! *gets his popcorn ready*

    • DarkKnightNNY

      *steals some of the popcorn* Shush! Everytime you say something they have to respond to, an extra two days get added onto the week before we see an update. Saturdays don’t come around fast enough as it is!

      …don’t question my logic. It’s totally what it feels like.

  2. Nevae

    I didn’t understand the hover text this week. Then my roommate insisted we spend the weekend marathoning Jack Black movies for no reason.

    Second movie was Orange County (which is one of the like 3 that I actually like a lot)

    I defeated you, hover text! Turns out my Cheetos addicted arsehole of a TV hog roommate has his uses after all!
    Just kidding George
    You’re useless

  3. Meh

    I love how Zukah’s internal monologue is far more eloquent than his speach. It’s as if, inside his head, there is a shrewd and reasonable Zukah, capable of intelligently interpreting and reacting to the situations he’s in. But, that Zukah has to share space with the Zukahnaught, hilarity ensues.

    • Otty

      Many people insist that they act the way they do because they have no filter between their brain and their mouths. I like to think the path from Zukah’s brain to his mouth is a long and twisting road instead of a straight line, and so by the end of it everything is tangled and unorganized.

      • MidnightDStroyer

        I’m also getting the impression from that analogy that on the right side of that road is the face of a cliff & off the left side is a steep drop into the rocks on the shoreline.

        Whichever way he goes, it’s going to be hilarious.

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