Maybe the rain will help put out the fire at least.

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  1. DarkKnightNNY

    If you guys end this comic here, we’ll find a way to fly out there and recreate this scene with you on the ground… I mean it! I have a suitable mask and everything! I can picture it now:

    NEXT WEEK ON CHUCK’S ZOMBIE PETTING ZOO: See us get arrested as we try to make good on a threat against two web cartoonists for possibly ending a comic on a down note. Hijinks ensue as ‘Ntern refuses to let go of the beer stein because he thinks there might be traces of alcohol in it making Chuck just look like a jackass…

    • Otty

      We appreciate your enthusiasm and assure you that the officers stationed outside our door have been entrusted with your thank-you gift. You need only identify yourself to them to receive it.

      • MidnightDStroyer

        …A lovely pair of bracelets!

        If you don’t like the bracelets, you can trade them in for what’s behind door #2…Congratulations, you now have a face-full of of that wonderful new cologne, reminiscent of the last Mexican Tacos, it’s Pepper Spray!

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