Hrothgar can recite Fight Club's dialogue word for word now.

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  1. DarkKnightNNY

    That sneer in the eighth panel has now forever cemented his voice in my head as James Hetfield, which only serves to make the drinking contest cooler…

    • Otty

      I picture Zukah with a Lemmy shout most of the time, so… I’m also picturing a very cool drinking contest now.

  2. Mumbajabba

    It looks like something is written on Zukah’s tummy but I can’t figure it out. Is it supposed to have some of the letters rubbed off?

    I like all of the weird shit they woke up with. I spot a #1 ribbon on Hrothgar’s boot, a flipper on Zukah’s foot, that blue writing(?) on Zukah’s tummy, a pair of those weird sunglasses that make no sense because they have no lenses, broken handcuffs, Zukah’s bling, and a big ruby ring…… Hrothgar seems to have lose half of his clothing too. What do I win?!

  3. Kiek

    Hey its Skip again! And the shark!! Does the shark have a name too? What other stuffed animals are lying around Zukahs?

    • Sonya

      Zukah’s other stuffed animals are yet to be revealed, but you will almost certainly see more later on! As for the shark, I don’t think Zukah has given him an official name but I imagine him referring to it as Sharkface.

  4. Eiji Wolf
    Eiji Wolf

    Is… that “shit” written on Zukah’s belly?

    • Ötty

      “Slut,” actually! Maybe if the poor fella had managed to keep track of his shirt…

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