Somebody write a metal song about this page.

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  1. DarkKnightNNY


  2. Hano

    One of the most hardcore origin stories of the century!

  3. Ness


  4. Nevae

    Hrothgar started out scary and gets more terrifying with every new thing we see with him. Sweet Jesus! Lucky he didn’t take his fight with Zukah seriously!

  5. Nevae

    Ps why can’t this comic updAte every day! Damn it I need more!

    • Otty

      Short answer: We’re not making any money out of it. Money = time, time = money.

  6. Aero Zero

    This is my favorite page in the entire comic. So awesome and stylish!

    • Otty

      One of those rare pages where I was still happy with it an hour after it went live. Thanks for the kind words!

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