Valhalla is a never-ending cycle of 12-hour PVP tournaments with unlimited respawns and swords instead of controllers or keyboards and followed by 12-hour pizza parties with free beer.

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  1. Chris W.
    Chris W.

    So Hrothgar already died and went to Valhalla, and then somehow got torn out of it? No WONDER he’s cranky.

    • Otty

      Wake up expecting a feast — get roots and berries.

      That’d annoy ME, and I don’t kill people for a good time. Hrothgar’s either been holding back or he’s been having an even bloodier time between scenes than in them.

  2. Aero Zero

    I love how everything’s gold in Valhalla. Also dying and respawning somewhere that ISN’T viking paradise after thousands of times would be enough to piss off anybody.

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