Zukah could probably raffle those old TVs off to a museum and get himself a flatscreen. I'd totally go to a museum that specialized in things with wood paneling where you would not expect wood paneling to exist. I want a wood paneled computer.

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  1. Nevae

    D: Hrothgar’s a rapist, Zukah?
    Z: We’ll come on Darius, he was praising Odin! Are we gonna split hairs here? I wrong?

    • Otty

      Unlike Walter Sobchak, Zukah is often both wrong and an asshole.

  2. Vas

    HOLY CRAP! Is this change that I see?

    • Otty

      Wait until you see Chapter Four.

  3. DaemonDan

    Aw man. I caught up :( Now I have to wait for updates. Good thing I added you to my feed :)

    • Otty

      Glad to have you aboard!

  4. ColdFusion

    See neither of those are the conclusions I’d come to.. I’d just assume this means that A) other dimensions include other realms WITHIN other realms and B) other dimensions resemble mythologies we’re familiar with so maybe there’s some kind of crossover.. Not that him being dead was somehow special, in a universe where dying takes you to another universe.

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