Chapter Four: Blood and Honour

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  1. Otty

    Welcome to Chapter Four and the beginning of a new era of Zukahnaut!

    Cover page updates are always sparse when it comes to readable bits, so this time around I wanted to make up for it by rapping a bit at you. Sonya and I opted from the beginning to forgo the option of including Author Comments below our pages (because we believe the work should speak for itself), but there’s actually some stuff worth saying.

    First off: Hey! Thanks for reading Zukahnaut! We really appreciate you validating our efforts with your time and enthusiasm. Making comics isn’t easy and every drop of fuel helps feeds the fire in our engines. Every email you send, comment you leave, friend you recommend, piece of merchandise you buy and vote you cast on sites like Reddit and TopWebComics is priceless to us. So thanks for that!

    Starting with Chapter Four we’ve launched a new way to show your support: Zukahnaut is now on Patreon! For those of you unfamiliar with Patreon, here’s what it is…

    Patrons can subscribe to our comic, pledging to donate any amount of pennies or dollars they feel good with for every new page that gets published. So say you want to make our day and pledge a dollar! Every week when a new page goes live you’ll send a dollar our way via Paypal or credit card. You’ll be charged once a month, at the end after all is said and done for that period, and you’ll be able to cancel you pledge at any time until then. You’ll also be able to set a monthly cap on your pledges so you don’t go over budget if for some reason we post more than the usual four updates for that month. In return you’ll get lots of goodies like early access to updates, behind-the-scenes content, your name featured in the comic and more!

    We’ve also got a few benchmarks in mind for our Patreon pledges. If we can scratch together five dollars of pledges (in total) per page, guess what? No more ads! Our website will look cleaner and load faster – what’s not to love there? And if by some awesome twist of events we can earn enough, there are also plans to produce an animated Zukahnaut cartoon for every new chapter of the comic! It would look something like this only, you know, a bit better since that cartoon’s five years old. So that would be fun! We’re still kicking around ideas for more patron-exclusive rewards like monthly Google Hangouts and livestreams, but we’ll see how many people feel like tossing a few cents our way first.

    There’s a reason many webcomic artists don’t even bother to have a donation button. People don’t feel like they are helping with a small donation, and very few people are going to give a big donation. With a small subscription everyone feels like they are helping in a way they can afford and the artist can give behind-the-scenes access and stuff. Also you can cap your monthly pledge for each individual artist so if you’re concerned about accidentally draining your bank account just cap it at like $2 a month. A couple of fans consistently paying $2 a month is still a huge help for the artist.

    Also, if you hate subscriptions on principle there is nothing stopping a creator from having both a Patreon account and a more traditional one-time donation/incentive model. All in all it feels less like tossing quarters into a street performer’s hat and more like actively supporting the creator (even if it’s with tiny amounts).

    Okay, enough about that. If you’re interested there’s a button at the bottom of the page down there. Right beside it is a bunch of other buttons you should click, too, leading to fun stuff like official Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr pages, as well as a link to vote for us on TopWebComics. Votes increase our comic’s visibility – visibility increases the fuzzy feeling we get inside! Please love us!

    That enough reading material for ya? Probably. Stay tuned for our most ambitious chapter yet! Who was the man in blue breaking into offices in the last chapter? What will be done about Hrothgar the Faceless? Exactly how much could go wrong if Zukah is left alone with a “murderous rape zombie,” as he put it? Where did Daphne get off to last night, and where is she now? What might the next Portal drop into our heroes’ laps? Some of these answers could be answered right now by becoming a patron on but otherwise…

    See you in seven!

  2. DaemonDan

    Hmmm…Patreon. As a comic creator I am interested in potentially making one, so let me know how it goes.

    As a comic reader (and a poor student), I honestly don’t know if I would subscribe. Of course, I’m a bad person with ad-block on default.

    Tell you what, for the moment, I’ll compromise and at least disable adblock on your site :)

    • Otty

      Every little bit helps, Dan! Thanks!

      I’ll keep the Underdogs posted regarding our experience with Patreon. Right now it’s all high hopes and low expectations.

      • DaemonDan

        Heck I even CLICKED on one of the ads for you ;)

  3. Emily

    I’m a broke student as well, haha. I’ve been seeing my favorite webcomics start popping up with Patreon accounts and it’s really tempting to help them out.

    I also run ad block but make an effort to disable it on websites I like, like this one. (Except on THIS computer, but it’s hard enough to read anything on this piece of junk.)

    I’ll keep you guys in mind and keep stopping by in the meantime. :D Looking forward to chapter 4, and I love how it’s all going so far.

    • Otty

      We’re really excited for this one! Most ambitious chapter yet, but if we can pull it off…

      Well. Nothing will probably happen. But we’ll be so proud of ourselves!

  4. Carina

    Love author comments.

    Fully agree with you that a work needs to stand on it’s own; but if the work’s fantastic icecream, the author comments can be chocolate chips – Not necessary, but nice to have. :)

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