So there's one possible explanation to why Nanma owns so many damn cats.

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  1. DaemonDan

    Wait, is this the sister from earlier? Or a completely different character? I forgot her name already, unfortunately. I could go look, or I could just wait for you to tell me. Ahh…laziness ;)

    • Otty

      We have met Daphne already, yes.

      • DaemonDan

        Man, you’re going to make me go figure out who she is now, aren’t you? Evil Otty…

        • Emily

          You need to do your homework, haha.

          • DaemonDan

            Aha! I discovered who Daphne is! The cast page helped :P You could have just confirmed she was the sister.

            Also, I know why I was confused. Her hair is less of a vibrant red here, and her face looks a bit different then on the cast page or on some earlier pages (like page #043 at the start of Chapter 3, when I went back to try to figure out who she is).

  2. Emily

    So that’s seven cats in this room alone.

    • Sonya

      And these seven are different from the cats we saw the first time we showed Nanma’s house! Maybe we should offer some sort of reward for readers who are able to keep track of how many cats they really own.

  3. Aero Zero

    Wow. I like how her expression just suddenly darkens at the mention of her father. I haven’t read the whole comic yet, but this page is super telling in terms of the relationships and feelings going on. AND CATS never too many cats am I right
    I absolutely love how Daphne is drawn in the last panel!

  4. Carina

    Hoh boy, that looks like deadbeat relatives who only show up when they want something.

    “Blood doesn’t matter, unless I need something!” That always sucks.

    Hope for Daphne that the situation isn’t quite what it seems. Nobody deserves such a father.

    Nice expressions though!

  5. Tristin

    Seriously love everything about Zukahnaut. Im hooked. Keep it up. :)

    • Ötty

      Really glad you’re enjoying yourself, Tristin! Don’t forget us.

  6. Banderwalk

    New/late reader, really enjoying the comic, thanks!

    I’m a little ahead of this and the art keeps getting better, but just wanted to drop a note that this page was immediately a favorite. The drawing gives Daphne a lot character, and the dialogue + Nanma and the cats are great too. :)

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