It's the chikky nuggz. They just brighten the mood no matter what.

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  1. DaemonDan

    In all honesty, they do kind of seem to fit well with eachother. Zukah has a friend? Who’ll end up being evil and they’ll have to fight again? ;)

    • Otty

      Evil? Not sure. Fisticuffs in the future? Forecast is %100. You can take the viking out of Valhalla…

      • Nevae

        …but a penny saved is worth two in the bush!

        • Otty

          Just remember: People in glass houses sink ships.

      • Carina

        Seriously, those two probably would ENJOY the fisticuffs.

        Nothing like a friendly brawl in the morning afterall.

  2. Aero Zero

    Hahaha the guys face when he throws the money at him
    Well at least he knows that you can pretty much bond with anyone over food.

    • Otty

      I just spent an embarrassing amount of time searching to no avail, but I was certain that at some point a certain comic book/television/film writer had a quote floating around about how showing characters sitting down and eating together was the best way to show that they’ve come together as friends/family/comrades.

      That quote wasn’t in my head when I wrote this, but your comment nudged the memory loose. I do believe it’s very efficient shorthand.

      • Eiji Wolf
        Eiji Wolf

        Sharing food has always been a universal sign of friendship/non-aggression. Until the “nobles” made a mockery of it with their poison rings and shit.
        BTW: a noble means that his ancestors were just bigger mass-murderers than yours were… :P

  3. KitsuneMusician

    By dining with the enemy you can find out just what he is like….or get poisoned in the process. Something tells me Hrothgar is not all as bad as he seems and Zukah may have found a friend who can relate to him that Darius and others could never possible hope to comprehend. My two cents….N’uff Said

  4. Golux

    Great Hermes Helmet. Colander with feathers stuck in it. Now to get some winged sneakers…

    • Banderwalk

      Or a reference to the French comic Asterix? Never read it though.

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