Cassette players have circled around to being hip again, thus Zukah owns a Discman.

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  1. Emily

    Soooo… Ragnarok? It’s Ragnarok, right? Right? Am I right?

    Or maybe it’s a big happy ice cream truck but Zukah gave all his money to the delivery guy.

    • Sonya

      Your ice cream truck theory makes me very happy.

  2. Nevae

    Little details like Zukahs phone halfway pulled thru the wall give me a nerdwoody.

    • Otty

      u wot m8

  3. brett rossi

    Have any arguments about me putting up this on my twitter?

    • Otty

      Link-backs are always welcome, friend.

  4. Neil Kapit

    Always gotta respect a fan of Walt Simonson…

    • Otty

      Oh man. “Fan” is almost an understatement! What a total master of the art form.

      • Neil Kapit

        Well, if Volstagg ever quits the Warrior’s Three, Zukah would make an excellent replacement.

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