Whatever it is there's not even a police radio code for it.

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  1. DaemonDan

    Hmm. Having access to the content 1-2 weeks early on Patreon kind of spoils it…

    • Otty

      I should throw you guys a curveball just once and put up two or three versions of the same page, all with different plot twists. Like how the Simpsons did all those versions of Who Shot Mister Burns?

      • DaemonDan

        Ooh that would be good. Keep me coming back for MOAR! ;)

      • KitsuneMusician

        Looking good chief keep it up

        • Otty

          Oh there’s no stopping us now!

  2. MidnightDStroyer

    Police may not have a code for what’s going on at the scene itself, but any bystanders are probably going to be doing a lot of 1-100…Maybe even quite a bit of 1-200.

    • MidnightDStroyer

      Dagnabbit! that’s what I hate about not having an edit function…I meant to say “10-100” & “10-200.”

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