Zukah's poor house!

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  1. Nevae

    I’m betting Zukah just felt like being outside and he forgot what a door was for again. We all saw what happened when he wanted to answer his phone when it was in the next room……

    • Otty

      Now all I’m imagining is Zukah deciding “I want to be upstairs!” and then jumping up through the ceiling, overshooting, and busting through the roof. Then landing in the trees outside hard enough to snap them.

      It all fits!

  2. Aero Zero

    wow that house went from okay to gone THANKS ZUKAH (and/or Hrothgar)
    RIP split tree on side of house

    • Otty

      It was still so young! It hadn’t even sprouted its first acorn!

      Sure acorns don’t appear until the 50 year mark, but… that’s young for a tree!

  3. DaemonDan

    I love Darius’ scruffy face on this page. Not sure if he just forgot to shave or if that’s the best he can do ;)

    • Otty

      Never let it be said that our cast is overgroomed!

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