Don't worry -- Zukah took off his snappy vest to keep it from getting ruined.

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  1. DarkKnightNNY

    There really isn’t enough dumpster-as-weapon use these days. Glad to see Zukah is bringing it back!

  2. DaemonDan

    I’m so proud of Zukah for recycling. ;)

  3. Nevae

    With no Buicks around a dumpster was the logical choice of weapon

  4. Hawt Flash

    This should be made into a poster! I’m serious.

  5. Chris W.
    Chris W.

    Ah, so the monster the police know about is Mr Tall, Grey, & Cthuloid…

  6. DaemonDan

    Ooh, secret stalker gnome! He needs a name. Waldo? ;)

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