Listen to him try and sound like a hero as though they didn't just watch him chuck a dumpster at the poor thing's head.

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  1. Random Guy
    Random Guy

    That is one mean backhand, and well aimed to for someone with only one eye. His depth perception is probably not that great.

  2. DaemonDan

    I love Zukah’s explanation of what’s going on. It sounds very Hrothgar, and also very Zukah. I also like how Zukah is starting to self identify as a good guy, worrying about others and helping the “squishy humans” :)

    • Emily

      I agree, love Zukah’s wording.

      Taking care of bystanders is probably the easier way to help than taking the thing head on.

  3. WilliamCA

    I too am impressed with Zukah’s way of thinking on this. He’s seems to be coming around from homeless, cluess, anti-social, alien crazy person to a real warrior and prime thinker.

  4. Kaldrath

    Finally, Zukah’s bothering to use his training! Let’s see how much of it he remembers.

  5. Neil Kapit

    Thankfully, Zukah’s well-padded against torso attacks.

  6. Eiji Wolf
    Eiji Wolf

    Your art has improved a whole lot since the start, I must say.
    Impressive, most impressive.
    That last panel Zukah is awesomelicious.

    • Sonya

      Thank you very much! I have to keep convincing Otty it’s worth it to keep the old pages around just so we’re reminded how far we’ve come and how the work we’ve been putting into the comic is paying off!

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