He was trying to amalgamate IT'S HAMMER TIME with TIME TO GO POSTAL, but that just doesn't work out.

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  1. DaemonDan

    Hehehe! That second to last panel was not what I expected post seeing the preview ;)

    • Otty

      I guess Zukah just isn’t used to being the little dog in a fight.

  2. Emily

    I really like the look of the thing’s head in the center panel. Love this page.

    • Otty

      Thank you! It was without question our favourite so far.

  3. Yakumo

    He’s Going Postal Hammer Time. That’s taking Going Postal and Hammer Time to eleven!

    • Otty

      He just doesn’t have the action hero line delivery skills that his beloved movie stars do.

  4. Neil Kapit

    Poor Stephen Young, now how’s he going to get his mail on time? Oh, and I’m worried about Zukah, too…

    • Otty

      They were probably just coupons for that pizza place on the other side of town that nobody’s ever heard of. You know the one…

      And hey, Zukah’s survived one crash landing from the clouds already! He was in a spaceship at the time buuuuut… Those are like, optional, right?

  5. Jim

    BOOT TO THE HEAD, nyah nyah!

    • Otty

      This may be the only time I ever say this, but I sure hope it was his head that the kick connected with…

  6. Aero Zero

    like a giant green football

    • MidnightDStroyer

      I wonder if Zukah actually made it between the goal posts….

  7. Michael Yakutis

    Heheh, this one made me chuckle.

  8. ColdFusion

    Why do I get the feeling Stephen Young was a contest winner or something

    • Otty

      Hah, we sometimes slip the names of Patreon supporters into the proceedings.

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