Like little lead splinters.

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  1. Michael Yakutis

    Cool attack panel in panel 2. Drawing that hand reaching out towards the reader can be a pain.

    • Otty

      In the first draft that hand is never ever big enough, is it?

  2. DaemonDan

    Being two pages ahead via Patreon is really throwing off my commenting groove…

  3. Eiji Wolf
    Eiji Wolf

    Don’t they ever aim for the eye(s)?
    I’m often amazed… but then I realize that in the split-seconds of the action, there’s not much time to think and aim properly.
    The police force need to adjust their training.

    • Sonya

      I’m quite impressed they can do anything besides cry, haha.

      Which is what I would do if a squid-faced cyclops monster was reaching for me…

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