Little bland... Could use some toejam.

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  1. DaemonDan

    Mmm, delicious alien giant toe.

    • Otty

      Mmmmm…. Organic jaaaaaam…

  2. Random Guy
    Random Guy

    Time for mega-tazer! … or Pigawatt the Electric Po-po.

    • Sonya

      Hahaha, that should be Marko’s new Codename! I love it! :D

  3. Aero Zero

    Giant’s toe! The only ingredient my Skyrim people never ate until I realized my alchemist needed to know what it does, hahaha

    • Sonya

      Really? I ate my giant’s toes the first chance I got! In fact, I barely ever got to use them as ingredients because I was too busy eating them. I may have problems…

  4. Neil Kapit

    Maybe he can bribe him with an extra toe…

    • MidnightDStroyer

      Really now, it’s Zukah that should get the toe…After all, he’s the one who got BOOTED INTO THE STRATOSPHERE with it!

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