Off to find Zukah a new house...

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  1. Otty

    That’s the end of Chapter 4, everybody! Thanks for reading! Next week we kick off Chapter 5. It’ll be more fun than everything that’s come so far!

  2. Emily

    How come CELL isn’t trying to take Zukah?

    • Otty

      Officially CELL is only allowed to get their mitts on beings and items that pose some sort of threat — most of their prisoners are transfers from public jails, as Marko mentioned in this chapter.

      Hrothgar’s in custody because he’s wanted for murder; Marko’s masked alter ego is wanted for crimes that we’ve only just scratched the surface of (we’ll get more in depth with those when we next see him). Guttwein’s offer implied that Marko can answer those charges or CELL can make them all go away in return for his services.

      As it stands, though, Zukah’s mostly been seen doing good deeds when he’s by Darius’ side. Just yesterday he helped diffuse a public war zone, and today he did his best to get squishy humans out of the path of the Grom. Last night’s fiasco at Dante’s and this morning’s unpleasantness at the park could pretty much all be laid on Hrothgar’s shoulders — so it will be, since he’s the one in shackles with the more desirable abilities.

      Zukah was only being sought for questioning regarding Hrothgar, who they have now. Since CELL has Darius & co. under surveillance they’ll be watching him from a distance — but that’s all they can do at present. If they know about his veggie-exploding powers they may be eager for him to slip up… Or maybe not. It’s not a very glamorous power.

      • Random Guy
        Random Guy

        I don’t know, he could go to the state fair and build a 1200lb pumpkin nuke.

        • Otty

          You raise an interesting point there! Sonya and I haven’t actually decided what effect his powers would have on pumpkins!

          Only his potato grenades have been on display thus far, but we’ve got a list of common vegetables and what he can make them do by blowing them up. Among them:

          Carrots: Missiles
          Onions: Tear gas
          Corn: Machine gun cobs with kernel bullets

          • Random Guy
            Random Guy

            Pumpkins: Napalm Rain of Pie.. er.

          • Eiji Wolf
            Eiji Wolf

            Well, if we shoot off the “toxin” base, eggplants and green toe-may-toes are in the same plant and toxin group.
            Curious to see what you make out of the veggies.

  3. Neil Kapit

    It’s clear that neither of them got their integrity from the father’s die of the family…

    • Otty

      Nanma raised ’em right!

  4. Anonymous

    I’m really loving how Zukah has developed over all this time. Keep at it Otty!

    • Otty

      Thank you very much! No plans on stopping.

  5. WilliamCA

    Great work Otty and Sonya! I applaud you.

    • Otty

      Hey we appreciate that. Much obliged!

  6. Yakumo

    I don’t normally comment on the art, but well done with vertical split and merge.

    • Otty

      We were so worried about pulling this page off coherently. I’m glad you like it!

      • Anon

        I think the use of colour helped to clarify what was happening in which location. I agree with the other commenters that the execution was excellent. One thing I was briefly unsure of was how to read panel 5; once you’ve read it, it’s clearly meant to be read left to right, but since the rightmost bubble is above the middle one, it could also have been “Darius reads the left one while Daphne reads the right one, then they both read the middle one. That’s really minor though, I don’t know if it could have been clarified in an elegant way (short of colour-coded bubbles, of course).

  7. Mike Podgor

    This was worth waiting a week for.

    • Sonya

      That’s so nice to hear! Thank you :)

  8. 4LS

    Finally managed to find the time to get caught up on the archive – and just wanted to say, I love this page! Really nicely done.

    • Otty

      Thank you very much!

  9. ColdFusion

    Holy pants this comic has managed to become even cooler. That double conversation..
    Shiiit though I’ve never felt bad taking money AWAY from things i dont agree with, it’s GIVING it I don’t like.

  10. Freya

    This page is fantastically done. The scene shift and double speech bubble is very clever. Really enjoying this comic so far!

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