Chapter Five: Caught in the Storm Part 1: Where the Sun Don't Shine

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  1. Otty

    Sniff. They grow up so fast.

    We hope you’ve enjoyed the first four chapters of Zukanaut! Those pages made up the first major arc of our comic, and we can’t express to you how pleased we are to be able to begin a second one.

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    Thanks again for reading, everybody. We’ve got lots of fun in store for this next story!

    • MidniteInsomniax

      are you guys ever going to make a print version?
      My roommate would love this but hates reading comics off a computer….

      • Otty

        Short answer: yes!

        Stay tuned to our blog, our Facebook page and/or our Twitter for more on that as it develops!

        • MidniteInsomniax

          will do thx

  2. R. Sohmer

    Well, I liked it.

    • Otty

      Thank you!

  3. Aero Zero

    I think you two have done a great job so far!

    I can’t wait to see how their father and that CELL guy find a new way to mess with our heroes, even though they resisted their initial offers/ weird insults. Shady people all around, but Zukah’s in good company.
    This is my favorite cover so far, by the way. Excellent negative space usage! Artsy and spooky.

    • Otty

      Thanks so much! With a chapter titled “Where the Sun Don’t Shine” I dare say shady people will continue to come out of the woodwork…

    • Sonya

      This comment makes me very happy!

  4. NikolaiMcFist

    Seems like Zukah found someone in the world who can/does actually care for him.

    Too bad about Hrothgar though. I was hoping he’d be a mainstay :(

    • Otty

      Hrothgar’s story hasn’t ended yet. We’ll be seeing the Einherjar again!

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