Song is BALLS OF BLUE by Sons of Butcher. Please go buy all of their albums.

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  1. Otty

    The song Zukah is singing is by Sons of Butcher, a criminally underrated Canadian band who Zukah also quoted in Chapter 1.

    You can listen to this song (and buy it if you’re kind) here:

    And sharp-eyed readers may notice that Zukah has a poster up on his wall featuring Xolotl from the Black Mudpuppy! If you don’t read and enjoy this webcomic, well, it’s never too late to start!

    • R. Sohmer

      Lar said he’ll sing it during his next Sailor Bacon cosplay, maybe.

    • Andy P.

      Bwahahahahaha, that song is hilariously terrible. Love it!
      Now I see the secret to Zukah’s a pot belly, he’s bloated from eating whatever that is he made. Batchlerloaf?

  2. Random Guy
    Random Guy

    I would never eat at his house. The food looks aweful.

    • Otty

      Awful tasty, amirite?

  3. Delta-v

    Ok, I’m all caught up. I find it interesting that the wilder ther storyline gets, the saner Zukah acts. I guess all the poor guy needed was to be included in something. Of course, Zukah’s version of sanity is still pretty not-quite-there…. :)

    Is the Comment section HTML-friendly? Or do I have to behave myself.

    • Otty

      It looks like the more excitement there is the less he feels the need to conjure!

      I believe HTML is supported in the comments. Let’s see…

      • Delta-v

        Worked like a charm. Hey, I didn’t quite get “Pocologan Breakfast”. Is it like a Newfie joke, only aimed at N B?

        • Otty

          Pretty much! I grew up in Pocologan, which was a remote working-class place where parents were never around and groceries came in bimonthly bursts. We had to get pretty inventive when scraping meals together whenever a run into town was overdue.

          I remember a friend decided he was going to make a cake. There was no flour, no eggs, not a lot of anything… But an hour later we were eating something vaguely cake-shaped anyway. I think it cost me a chipped molar.

    • DaemonDan

      Oh no, the Delta-v invasion has begun! ;)

      I told you you would like Zukah :D

      • DaemonDan

        … actually I might not have told you. But I was thinking it!

        • Delta-v

          Powerful your thoughts are, young Jedi. Influnced my choice, they did.

  4. MidniteInsomniax


  5. Jimi

    by the way,if you chipped a tooth it wasnt on that strange hard jelly-like substance my brother made. just because we couldnt cut it didnt mean it was a solid otherwise why did it take 20 minutes to chew it like some horriblely feeling gum that tasted amazing??

    • Otty

      I like to misdirect as much blame as I can for my poor dental health in general. It’s a heavy burden for one man to bear.

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