Outta my way, CAR!

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  1. DaemonDan

    Hey look! Baby me! :D BTW, which of my parent/guardians should I inform about their cameo? ;)

    • Sonya

      Whichever one of your parents/ guardians used to chase you with a rolling pin!

      • DaemonDan

        …I wish that narrowed it down… ;)

        • Otty

          That’s Mrs. Haggerty, the babysitter lady who your mother paid with opportunities to beat young men with rolling pins.

  2. Robert Tyler

    Ha, I love that last panel – also I’m loving this mysterious shadowy little dude! I mean, accept from stealing Skip and all, for that they of course may never be forgiven…

    • Otty

      What could those shadows and that classic comic book brimmed-hat-and-trenchcoat disguise be hiding?

  3. Delta-v

    Hmmmmm. If cats land on their feet after a fall, what do they land on if they’re thrown into an overhead obstacle?

    • Otty

      If they could talk I’m sure they would insist that whatever they landed on would be precisely what they meant to land on.

  4. Mike Podgor

    The bear-napper reminds me of a frog, for some reason. Probably because he has froggy feet and hops around.

    • Otty

      It does seem remarkably sure-footed while splashing around, huh?

  5. Neil Kapit

    I expected there would be civilian casualties when someone got between a Zukah and his teddy, but I hope no felines are seriously hurt

    • Otty

      Hey, give those little buggers opposable thumbs and just watch how careful they’d be about human casualties!

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