That water's fuh-REEZING for the record.

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  1. Otty

    What were your theories on who or what was under the thief’s disguise? Let’s hear them!

    • DaemonDan

      I thought it was the evil gnome at first, but it obviously isn’t (although he may be involved, since he’s sneakily watching on this page).

  2. DarkKnightNNY

    Well, that threw all my theories out the window.

    • Otty

      What were your suspicions before now?

  3. Not Sonya
    Not Sonya

    I am but a humble retail worker who is definitely not Sonya and I would like to say this comic is opened right now in the party store where I work and is being enjoyed. Again, let me stress how not Sonya I am.

    • Otty

      Your identity claims are easy to believe. I trust that Sonya, a very fine asset that any establishment would be lucky to have on-staff, would never dream of squandering precious employer bandwidth with such foolishness as Zukahnaut dot com.

      Welcome to the comment section of Zukahnaut dot com, Not-Sonya!

  4. Yakumo

    I admit I had thought it was another, somewhat larger teddy bear, but alas my theory is shot of the water. Unless it’s a stuffed animal insect, but I don’t think it’s likely to go that way now.

    • Otty

      It DOES look unduly fluffy and huggable for a bug.

  5. Neil Kapit

    “Every character should want something, even if it’s just a glass of water or a teddy bear”– Kurt Vonnegut (paraphrased)

    • Otty

      “When an ogre loves teddy bears, I am his friend and comrade without further introduction.”
      – Mark Twain probably

  6. Random Guy
    Random Guy

    Wow, a Sea Bee.

    • Otty

      See bee run.
      Run, bee, run.
      Wait now it’s swimming.
      Bee you are an air type, this makes no sense.
      Bee you are ruining everything.

  7. Mike Podgor

    I was pretty sure it was going to be some sort of frog thing. That thing, though… I can’t tell if it’s cute or terrifying.

    • Emily

      Why not both?

      • Otty

        I don’t know about you, but I can only feel tingles in so many different places at once before I start worrying for my health.

  8. Delta-v

    Apparently reaching the end of the pier wasn’t all that meaningful.

    i thought it was a robot sent to lead Zukah to someone who needed help, “I see, Lassie, Timmy fell down the well again–now gimmie back the teddy bear.”

    I didn’t expect a giant Transformer-bug (or is it a Decepticon). O.o

    • Otty

      Let’s see… so far we’ve got midget bug, evil gnome accomplice, stuffed animal insect, sea flea, sea bee, and now Transformer-bug.

      I think Transformer-bug might sell more action figures, myself, but we don’t have a muscular enough legal team to try and trademark that.

  9. Most Assuredly Jimi
    Most Assuredly Jimi

    never knew about the critter,but i am lookin forward to zuk finding out there is no namor,its like a kid learning the truth of santa… the him being a turk and all not the hokus pokus thing

    • Otty

      I like maintaining that Santa is a retired Odin. And Odin is ostensibly real in Zukahnaut, so that might mean Santa is real.

      And if Santa is real, who’s to say there’s no Namor or Namor-like creatures lurking offshore…? Hmm.

  10. Eiji Wolf
    Eiji Wolf

    The blue eyes associated electricity to me – I was expecting a robot of some sort. Maybe a C.E.L.L. creation designed to lure Zukah somewhere they were prepared to neutralize him.
    The “lure Zukah to a particular place” intent still sits strong with me, though.

    • Sonya

      Zukah barely needs to be lured. He’ll follow anyone!

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