If portals are opening up all over the planet and the planet is 70% underwater...

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  1. Otty

    Hey everyone! Wanted to let you know that Zukahnaut is now available in print! Volume 1: Obsequious Obscenities features the first 4 chapters plus 2 exclusive bonus stories! You can buy it here: http://www.indyplanet.com/front/product/112952/

    Thanks for your support! We love making comics for you!

    • Kaldrath

      Congrats on the print! Hope it’s the first of many.

      • Otty

        Zukah cannot be stopped.

  2. Delta-v

    “we have met the Enemy, and he is–really strange” O.o

    Sooo–Prince Setanta is a shapeshifter? Or did I miss a beat somewhere?

    Also, congrats on getting into print! :)

    • Otty

      He is not, but I think the next page will clear everything up in that regard!

  3. Aero Zero

    Always nice to see cool fish people! And that throne is pretty cool (eels!)
    catfish man has the monopoly on clothes I see

    • Otty

      These people use clothing for protection to hunters/soldiers/dignitaries and not much else. Important non-combatants like King Zwendelaar wear cloaks to make landing blows on them more difficult from a distance!

  4. DaemonDan

    I like the subtle sort of “The Little Mermaid” vibe with Setanta and his relic collection. Also, any chance his name is supposed to sound like “70” in Spanish? Fish DO have lots of kids. ;)

    • Otty

      Hah, the name is actually pilfered from legend. You may not recognize it because its owner changed his name before he did what made him legendary.

      • DaemonDan

        Heheh, one google search later, and I realize that I wouldn’t have recognized his legendary name either :)

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