Zukah has to have the most uncomfortable body ever.

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  1. Alphaghoul

    Paraniod jerk, he could just get the humans involved, use that to his advantage. Wait can they body jack people whenever they please? Because that would put them in big trouble with the U.S. Government if they ever found out.

    • Otty

      Zwendelaar’s people are a suspicious lot.

      Not many people amongst them have the kind of power to do what the king just did!

  2. Delta-v

    Ooohkaaay, so he just dropped a hit of really fast-acting LSD, and he’s already tripping out?

    • Otty

      “Fie! I appear to be in the body of a green lardass. Worst trip ever!”

  3. DarkKnightNNY

    Those panels in the third section? Did you actually draw both sets of faces separate, or draw them together from the start? If you did them separate, do you have them posted somewhere because I’d love to see them.

    • Otty

      What I did was just draw half of each face, which was all I needed to be getting on with, then chopped them up.


      • DarkKnightNNY

        Neat!! Not what I was expecting, but that makes sense! Turned out fantastic!

  4. Neil Kapit

    But how long can he withstand the amount of gas inside Zukah’s body?

    • Otty

      He’s like an overly-inflated tire just waiting for a sharp rock.

  5. Robert Tyler

    I love that Zukah’s unique speech-colouring he’s had the entire time really helps the pay-off! Was this storyline in the back of your mind at all when you made that decision on his dialogue design?

    • Otty

      Nope! The original plan was for the balloon styles to swap along with the bodies, but as the switch got closer we realized we wanted a “tell” for the readers (and I don’t like it when mind control is accompanied by obvious stuff like red glowing eyes).

      • Robert Tyler

        Ah I love it, much more subtle, really fits the comic well.

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