They might be wondering if Zukah is testing out his Hrothgar impression on them.

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  1. Otty

    This is page one hundred. Can you believe it?

    Every reader who comments on this page this weekend will be entered into a draw to win a prize. We’ve got Zukahnaut stickers! We’ve got Zukahnaut books! We’ve even got Zukahnaut cookies! Just make sure you fill out the email field of the comment box.

    Lucky ducks will be informed of their winnings on Monday. Say hi and cross your fingers!

  2. Aero Zero

    [extra long comment because I avoided the ‘trigger’ page haha]
    Verily, our Zukahnaut is making quite a strange scene with thine vocabulary. I think my favorite part of your drawings are the hands and arms, they always look so good!
    duuude I want some cookies and or book (as long as they’re not fried – lol fried book) HONNNNK

    • Otty

      I’ll make a note so that if you win, your copy of the book will be baked.

  3. DaemonDan

    I love their faces. “Daffy?” “The Other One? Seriously, man.”

    Congrats on 100 :D

    How did you make those cookies anyhow?

  4. Zixinus

    Congrats on your 100th! So made stellar artwork and good stories so far, may you keep it up!

  5. Jennifer

    100 pages wow I don’t think I’ve done a 100 pages of any single story before HOW DOES IT FEEL?
    Also this is how I refer to my friends all the time – you, you, and the other one.

  6. Michael Kinyon

    Wow, I’ve never even read a 100 page book.

    OK, no, I went too far with that.

  7. Ronin Glen
    Ronin Glen

    Congrats on 100 pages! No need for goodies though, just more comics please! (which are goodies in themselves)

  8. Mike Podgor

    Congratulations on the big 100! I’m really looking forward to seeing what you have in plan for Zukah and the others.

  9. Neil Kapit

    Congratulations! You guys have shown much more commitment and dedication than the Fish King gives towards his Zukah Impersonation, though whn I say it like that it sounds like damning with faint praise

  10. Delta-v

    Random thoughts: Since he’s in Zukah’s body, can Zwendelaar make potato grenades, too? And if he can, what could he do with seaweed?

    Congrats on your first 100 pages. I hope to congratulate you as well when you hit 1000. :)

    Um, are those cookies Pocologan-style?

    • Otty

      No, sir! Chocolate-covered Oreos with Zukah frosting!

  11. Actual

    Everything from “Verily” to “side” is beautiful.

  12. Emily

    Obviously Zukah enrolled in a drama class while you guys were gone.

    Congrats on being awesome, guys.

  13. Jolene

    I don’t think their buying it…or they think he hit his head REALLY hard…also poor Daphne i wouldn’t like my head squeezed like that! Congrats on Page 100 guys amazing as always!!!

  14. Jim

    Zukah Zukah, he’s our man, if he can’t beat it no-one can!

    Um verily.

  15. Robert Tyler

    Oops I forgot to post a congratulations! CONGRATULATIONS GUYS! :D Here’s to many more Zukahdventures! (…clearly that portmanteau worked flawlessly…)

    Oh and don’t worry about the contest, I don’t want anyone to have to worry about the transatlantic shipping costs! Just wanted to add my ‘you-guys-are-awesome-keep-up-the-good-work’ to the page!

  16. Kitsunemusician

    Verily methink you been watching too much monty python thoust lingo gives thee away Zukah my friend

  17. Jim

    100?!? JU GO MAN! So how long will Zukah try to keep us his kingly accent I wonder?

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