It's difficult to walk in the sand with a cane.

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  1. Otty

    If you didn’t win last week’s giveaway and you’d like a second bite at the apple, this weekend we’re hosting one more with the same prizes! Leave a comment on the new page of the One-Shots strip to enter!

  2. Alphaghoul

    He’s paranoid to the point of denial.

  3. Alphaghoul

    And he’s not even trying to get in character with his new role.

    • Otty

      It’s true, he’s totally phoning this in. He had the perfect opportunity to research the role, too! But since he’s a king he’s sure to get top billing on the poster anyway.

  4. DarkKnightNNY

    Critics are already heralding “Art Thou To Be Coming?” a new adult cinematic masterpiece. When dissension spreads across the round table, it’s up to Guinevere and her band of sultry servants to stroke the sparks of unity. Can Camelot be restored? Will Arthur wield his Excalibur at the annual orgy and take his place as King?? Preorders and early press copies available now!

  5. Mike Podgor

    I’m really liking how little the king actually knows about any of what’s going on surface-wise.

    • Delta-v

      He’s not about to let anything as insignificant as a “fact” affect his worldview. I know severalk people like that. :)

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