Darius' cane doesn't serve him well in situations where he has to crawl.

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  1. Alphaghoul

    Well, I still think the king’s a jackass for thinking everyone on the surface is aligned with his enemies.

  2. Jennifer

    This seems perfectly natural to find at the other end of a sewer pipe, nothing to see here

    • Otty

      And to think we all doubted His Grace’s vast knowledge!

  3. Delta-v

    I’m thinking “Dumb luck” here. Poor Sonya must have, er, artist’s cramp after drawing all those bugs.

    • Otty

      Sadly, due to freelance illustration gigs Sonya hasn’t been able to work on Zukahnaut since page 95 (save for making time for our 100th page milestone). Looks as though she might not have time to chip in until next year, actually — but I’ll be doing my best to keep the ship afloat until then!

      • Delta-v

        So, that was you? Impressive. :)

        And tell Sonya that I’m on her side. “Starving Artist” should be a metaphor, not a reality. :)

  4. Neil Kapit

    “Not the bees….OH GOD NOT THE BEES!”– Nicholas Cage, from the timeless classic Wicker Man

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