Daphne doesn't handle being soaked in ice water as well as Zukah does.

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  1. Delta-v

    Comedy (Zukah foot! Hah!) and drama in the same page–I LOVE IT!

    • Otty

      If only we found an opening for horror, we’d have hit the trifecta! Maybe next time.

      • Mike Podgor

        I don’t know. The prospect of being engulfed and subsequently swallowing sewer water is pretty horrifying.

        • Otty

          Ugh! Fair point.

  2. Jim

    I don’t know, that “PTFFF” looks an AWFUL lot like Zukah?

    • Otty

      Maybe he’s still in there somewhere!

      Or Zwendelaar remembered that this body can’t inhale water.

  3. Neil Kapit

    Were they tipped off by fake “Zukah”‘s use of words exceeding two syllables in length?

    • Otty

      It certainly planted a seed of doubt early on! But the truth was probably a bit too fantastic to grasp immediately.

  4. Nevae

    But it is Zukah’s body!! Hopefully they don’t do anything too rash….

    • Otty

      Have faith! Darius has been pretty fair in his dealings with people so far, right?

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