The trident hanging in Ryan's shop is a souvenir of his Pappy's meeting with the sea people.

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  1. Delta-v

    Hmm is Mister Foll-of-Himsel’s name sopposed to kind of sound like “Swindler”?

    • Otty

      Hah! Well done! I didn’t think anyone would connect that dot.

      Zwendelaar is a Dutch word that means swindler/impostor/shark. Zwendelaar’s royal crest features a shark fin for that reason!

  2. Neil Kapit

    Honestly, Zwendelaar might be treating Zukah’s body better than Zukah ever did.

    • Otty

      Next week we’ll get to see how Zukah’s treating HIS body in the last scene of Chapter 5!

  3. Aeth

    Its zukah…. he probably got it drunk then went on a rampage and burned everything even though its under water

    • Sonya

      This comment makes me happy, haha. That’s such a Zukah thing to do!

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