He's been trying to get one of those things in his hand since Chapter 1. Merry Christmas, Zukah.

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  1. Otty

    That’s all for Chapter 5, friends! What will become of Zukah and Zwendelaar and the army about to march on Atlantis? That’s a question for 2015! Stick around.

  2. Anonymous

    Yes! Yes! Finally, a trident!

  3. Nevae

    This story is obviously a ploy to get people with Zukah shirts to upgrade to Zwendelaar shirts. I am onto you!!

    • Otty

      “Don’t get caught in last year’s Zukah face styles! Fish-orc is the face of 2015!”

      Unless you’re a Zwendelaar fan, then I guess you’d still be good.

  4. Mike Podgor

    I’m glad he finally got the trident. Heh. It’d be great if a sorcerer and cosmic being showed up and, with Zukah and Zwendelaar, basically made the Defenders.

  5. Delta-v

    Zwendelaar apparently massively overestimated his own cleverness, and his control over the situation. I will now go indulge in schadenfreude. :)

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