Decree number one was that everyone cover their genitals, not just soldiers.

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  1. Mike Podgor

    I like how awkwardly that one guy is trying to cover himself.

    • Otty

      Still getting used to the “cover your damn shame” decree that got passed an hour ago!

  2. Neil Kapit

    Power is like a drug, in that it requires a strong person to control it, rather than be controlled by it. That strong person does not appear to be Zukah.

    • Otty

      If I had to describe him in one word I’m confident that “strong” would be all the way at the opposite end of the spectrum. I’d really want to tack on a “but trying,” though.

      • Neil Kapit

        That’s ultimately what we all are; there is no intrinsic, deep down quality to any person, and our worth can only be measured by what we actually do. (Paraphrased from Bojack Horseman).

  3. ColdFusion

    Aw maaan that’s not cool Zukah. These people are free and wild, you dont ruin that just to satisfy your weird alien rules maaan. You were here in the 60s, didnt you learn anything?

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