Flapping and sloshing battled bitterly against one another for the verb of choice here.

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  1. Mike Podgor

    How do records work underwater? Wouldn’t they get ruined?

    • Otty

      There is an ongoing debate amongst music affictionados over whether the “wet playing” of vinyl records is the best or worst idea ever. For the purposes of ZUKAHNAUT we’re throwing our lot in with the former group…and then doubling down to push things into comic-book-exaggeration land, which is really where the most fun is.

      Worth noting, the underwater folk have been shown to have the ability to breathe air and have at least a few “dry” rooms, like the dungeon where Zukah was initially held, so Setanta may or may not have been totally submerged while he was rockin’.

  2. Mike Podgor

    That’s right. The whole thing where they switched minds was in a dry room. I’m foolish.

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