Zwendelaar may be vaguely irritated that the surface people have the means to come visit his world so easily.

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  1. Mark Stokes

    Great concept and characters! Feels like a good ‘ol Bronze Age Marvel comic! What’s not to like?

    • Otty

      Thanks, Mark!

  2. Delta-v

    Looks like someone is in for a big green surprise. :)

    • Otty

      I mean…how happy did Zukah think a king would be, stepping into his life?

      Not big on foresight, our hero.

  3. Kitsunemusician

    Methinks Zukah just fed up getting the short end of the stick everytime he does something and thinks…
    “Whut da hell… chance like dis don’t come often fer me why waste opportunity when it’s kickin you in th’ass right? What have I got to lose that ain’t already lost already”

    Somehow just from previous pages Zukah explained how he TRULY feels bout his life in general and while it has nothing to do with foresight it has more to do with frustration and finally finding some kinda freedom where the cards are played in his favor. Great writing but sad so many miss the point as to why our green bean hero is making his moves now while he can. I can see it plain as the nose on my face…dude is just rolling with it he just rolls heh heh

    • Nevae

      I donno if he’s being more selfish or thoughtless about things rite now….

      His friends coulda been hurt by a guy wearing his face like a mask. He knew the fish king was going for shore and he should have known that his friends would come looking for him!! The king even said Zukah’s friends would be lucky to survive the day!!

      For all his talk about being so lucky to have them Zukah dropped his new friends as soon aas something better came along….

      He’s just afraid to be alone. He doesn’t really care about them. And they’re risking their life to save him…. Sad

      • Kitsunecomposer

        People tend to do dumb things when they are down and out and care little for the consequences of their actions. What has Zukah got to lose by taking of the king’s life and making changes to what he believes is ancient trite traditions and out of date language. In his mind and the way I see it, he dissapeared into the ocean and he does not know how to swim. People saw him go under but no one saw him come back up even if the king DID steal his body, Zukah probably thinks his friends think he is dead or have no idea where to search. He already has low opinion of himself and the choices he made in life so again I re iterate
        What has he got to lose?
        Selfish or not or not thinking straight it’s not selfish to think of ones self if it means he is looking after numero uno and taking advantage of a situation he can do nothing about…honestly what can he do without his body cept live the life of the body he is in…in other words he kinda traded up even if no one sees that way but him.

        • Nevae

          Yea I guess so…. it’s not like he coulda just picked up a phone and called his friends so they would know what was happened….

          Still I will be very surprised if he goes “lol my bad” when these 3 come for him and goes back to his old life without a fight. When this story started he was cooking garbage for a stuffy’s breakfast…. Now like Zukah says “I’m a king!!!” Why go back?? I guess we will find out soon if he’s more selfish or selfless (I’m hoping for the latter because even though I prefer Darius and Daphne Zukah is the one with more to prove in my opinion, both to himself and to everyone else)

      • Kitsunecomposer

        That’s just my opinion of what I have seen I am neither right nor wrong for an opinion is just a train of thought from one single person and no matter what you cannot nor can anyone think like me unless you are me :P

        Take what I say with a grain of salt or agree to disagree no matter what you may think of what I have to say the outcome shall remain the same…only the writers truly know what is going on and they will keep mums the word till they are ready to reveal the pivotal point to this scenario as a whole.

        Nuff said

        • Otty

          I’ve read both points of view — all I’ll say for now is we love ya both for caring so much and we’re really looking forward to showing how everything plays out in the end!

          • Kitsunecomposer

            Hear Hear!
            I can vouch for that and no worries I have been enjoying this comic from day one.
            sorry if I get a bit philosophical but this is one of the very FEW web comics I have a keen interest in.
            Keep up the EXCELLENT work

  4. Kitsunecomposer

    Like a famous frog once said
    “It ain’t easy being Green”
    Zukah living proof me thinks :P

  5. DaemonDan

    I still like my version of panels 2-4 ;)

    • Otty

      I should letter it all official-like.
      EDIT: Whoops what’s this?

      • Delta-v

        Mega-lol, you two. :D :D :D

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