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  1. Mike Podgor

    Zukah looks very animalistic in this one, which makes sense.

    • Otty

      His skull may be slowly evolving into the shape of the Motörhead mascot without any of us realizing it.

  2. DarkKnightNNY

    This comic would have such a great soundtrack if you took all the musical references and made it into a playlist…

    • Otty

      Oh wow, I wonder what would be on that? Let’s see how well I do:

      Balls of Blue by Sons of Butcher
      Tubthumping by Chumbawamba
      King Nothing by Metallica
      Death in Fire by Amon Amarth
      Giant Tits by Sons of Butcher
      Come Together by The Beatles
      Helter Skelter by The Beatles
      Peaches by PUSA

      …man, I wish someone would record a real life version of Bro Your Dude…

      Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Lemmy/Motörhead and the Misfits have been namedropped without specific songs…

      Did I miss any?

      OH and of course the song Darius used to defeat the dragon, which was

      • DarkKnightNNY

        …don’tcha hate how there never seems to be enough room in the comments when you’re on a roll? Man, it’s like the pose buffer has a mind of it’s own. It’s definitely out to get you.

        Also, Bro Your Dude needs to happen. If I had musical talent I’d be trying to do that for you.

  3. Alphaghoul

    Wow, and I thought he was being kindhearted.

    • Otty

      I guess that all went out the window when they got to a sign on the outskirts of town that said “WELCOME TO ATLANTIS: MAKE SURE YOU’RE WEARING PANTS AND NOT TALKING LIKE THOR”

  4. Neil Kapit

    Well, that’s an effective way to force a decision out of Zukah…

  5. Nevae

    JEEBUS I have chills!!

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