Ew, is that the corner that Zukah barfed in?

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  1. Alphaghoul

    Well, that didn’t turn out how I expected it to. And that’s interesting, they addressed him as Zwendelaar and yet still they side with Zukah, looks like more cliffhangers.

  2. Yakumo

    Not a total surprise as how much of a kerj Zwendelaar was has been suggested. But I think we’ll be learning some other specific reason why the people might go along with Zukah.

  3. Zixinus

    Them knowing it all along would explain why they let go of Zukah in the first place. A reasonable if goofy and ridiculous Zukah is preferable to an utter asshole that is Zwendelaar.

  4. Delta-v

    I think it interesting that the officer did not speak in Thees and Thous, but in more modern speech. :)

    • Nevae

      Me too!! It looks like they’re following Zukah’s orders and laws even though they know he’s not the real king….

  5. Platos Redhaired Stepchild
    Platos Redhaired Stepchild

    The king Zwend is dead. Long live King Zukah!

  6. Neil Kapit

    Even if their minds switch back to their native bodies, both men are deep in it now.

    Wait…did I just refer to Zukah as a man? That sounds odd….he doesn’t have the maturity for it, at least not yet.

  7. Iarei

    The choice between an asshole dictator and having to wear pants has been made, and made well.

  8. Shane

    it’s no problem. really enjoying the comic. keep up the good work.

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