Neither one DESERVES the crown, really.

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  1. Alphaghoul

    Wow, this is pretty climatic, I think in more ways than what’s clearly obvious, buuut I don’t really want to explain why so I won’t.

  2. Neil Kapit

    Poor Zukah. I can really feel how torn up and conflicted he is here.

  3. Ronin Glen
    Ronin Glen

    So…being a king involves more than just perusing your genitals? Guess I don’t want to be a king after all.

    • Otty

      What a bum rap!

    • Shane

      prolly just part of being a underwater king, it’s not that great anyway…they all have ovipositors

  4. Iarei

    I kinda want to see Zukah handle this invasion like a boss. Anything that knocks Zwei down a peg is gold in my book.

    If he does go back to his original body he should crown a random crayfish first for because.

    Body snatchin’ ain’t cool, Zwei.

    • Sonya

      We really should have gone with your “crowning a random crayfish” idea! It’s fantastic! :D

  5. X

    I hope Zuk turns Zwen’s body into a total lardass before switching back.

  6. DrCrazy102

    Hey, just finished doing an archive run after recently finding the comic. Can I ask without sounding too Zukah and lazy; when does the comic update?

    • Otty

      Every Saturday morning like the cartoons of yore. Bring a bowl of cereal!

  7. John

    Dudes, the art and storytelling on your comics just keep getting better and better! These pages look great.

    • Ötty

      Hey thanks John! I’m a fan of your work on Coffee Time Comics, too!

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