You're free to go if you can get past the cloud of midget bugs killing everything in sight all around us.

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  1. Neil Kapit

    The feeling of virtue; synonymous with the feeling of a bloody, bruised face. Still, good on Zukah.

  2. Zixinus

    I am guessing that the “four of us” thing is either going to be relevant now or much later, perhaps revealing that Zukah wasn’t as crazy as he initially seemed to be.

  3. DrCrazy102

    Please bring back the lepra-jerk! So want to know what would happen between King Zwendelaar and the lepra-jerk!

    • Alphaghoul

      Who was the lepra-jerk? Was that the bug that stole Zukah’s teddy?

      • drcrazy102

        No, the leprechaun from the start of the comic who annoys Zukah and is all sarcastic and bitchy. I don’t think he has a name so I just called him a “lepra-jerk” ’cause he was a leprechaun and a jerk

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