Zukah never got to ride one of those sharks. Tch, shame.

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  1. DaemonDan

    Dude, keep your troth out of this. There are children reading this.

    • Delta-v

      Any kid who has read this far should be used to it by now. :D

  2. Ronin Glen
    Ronin Glen

    My money is on the octopodes.

  3. Nevae

    LOL that worried looking fish in the front!!

    • Sonya

      That poor fish was just out for a pleasant stroll!

  4. Neil Kapit

    What kind of sharks were referenced? They don’t quite look like great whites (re: the shark everyone who isn’t into sharks draws by default), but I can’t quite place the species from just looking at them.

    • Sonya

      It’s sort of just a mix but I mostly referenced great whites and tiger sharks (and a little bit of mako shark) for the sketches.

    • Eiji Wolf
      Eiji Wolf

      They must be specially bred battlesharks.
      Or steedsharks?
      Something like that, I guess.

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