Son of a bitch, you mean to tell me you could have gotten out of those cuffs at ANY TIME?! No, not at any time -- only when I had something badass to say!

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  1. DaemonDan

    I’d be honored at the name cameo if I wan’t about to die horribly ;)

    • Ötty

      Don’t worry! That’s not Dan Sharp. It’s that uncle of yours that nobody in your family likes ever since that unpleasantness in the ’90s.

      • DaemonDan

        Huh, I actually have an uncle who could almost fit that description…

  2. Iarei

    Did he use his blood to corrode the chains? If so, hardcore.

  3. Nevae

    Shouldn’t have mentioned God, Marko. That doesn’t have a history of working out well around Hrothgar…

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