All masked vigilantes are Batmen as far as Zukah is concerned. Also, anyone who wears a mask. Including masks that look like faces. Batman is a master of disguise. Everyone is Batman.

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  1. DaemonDan

    Nice new navigation buttons at the top dude!

    • Ötty

      Thanks Dan! Turns out it was missing a one-two punch of potato grenades, that’s all!

      • DaemonDan

        I wish the potatoes were on the bottom too :D

      • DarkKnightNNY

        Make the grenades load random pages when you click ’em! Or… link to this: Heck, you have two of them. Do both!

      • Matanui3

        On my screen (I am using Firefox), the potato-nades are cut off by the top banner.
        Also, the graphic isn’t lining up with the buttons.

        Also, the Zukahnaut Comixology ad over to the right… what is the full text of that shirt? It’s been driving me crazy.

        • Ötty

          Interesting! I was wondering if something like this would come up. Do you happen to know what resolution your screen is set to? What happens if you hold “Ctrl” and press “+”?

          Daphne’s shirt in that banner says I’M NOT DAREDEVIL, which was also featured on one of Darius’ shirts in the pages of the comic proper.

  2. Nevae

    Out of my way MIRROR.

    • Sonya

      I wanted this chapter to just be Zukah yelling “Out of my way (inanimate object)!” on every page but Otty wouldn’t agree to it.

      • Nevae

        What a grinch.

  3. KorisBarloff

    LOL, the bonus text is hilarious and explains so much.

    • /co/mrade

      Anyone could be Batman, therefore everyone must be Batman. It’s brilliant in its own way.

  4. MidniteInsomniaX

    This was my first visit through the new address! Love it!

    • Ötty

      OH, yes, hey everyone: Now when you tell your friends about ZUKAHNAUT you won’t have to spend so much time trying to help them spell it! http://ThisComic.Rocks will bring them here no problem. Just make sure they put the dot in the right place and we’re all golden!

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