He's sure flying for a dude with a wooden leg. Must be important--oh yeah. Page one. No fooling you guys.

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  1. Nevae

    Did Guttwrin just kind of sort of ask them to murder the thing? O.o

    • Neil Kapit

      Call it profiling, but I don’t trust someone with a monocle to have anyone else’s best interests at heart

  2. NotMattDamon

    MonocleMan may have a point; Darius is wrong on at least one count here. Monsters do exist, and they’re not necessarily nonhuman; after all, people like Hitler and Stalin were monsters. What remains to be seen is whether the particular entity MonocleMan is referring to is in fact a monster.

  3. Hthartley

    That silhouette looks rather familiar…I’m gonna take a guess and say it’s Hrothgar the Einhearjar, and that he’s the one Mr. Monocle wants them to kill off.

    • Eiji Wolf
      Eiji Wolf

      I second the guess.
      On a related note, MonoMan just doesn’t know how to relate to Hrotty. We’ve seen that he only sees ONE possible way for things to play out – HIS way.
      …is that you, mom? (Sadly, yes, my mother’s worldview is this narrow, too.)

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