I just want to show you some shadow puppets, you rude punk.

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  1. Ötty

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  2. Nevae

    The bad guy has been narrating the entire comic!?!

    Fucking NICE swerve!

    But how??

    • Ötty

      Stay tuned, friend.

  3. Yakumo

    Okay, not related to this page, but I’m surprised that no one added a This Is My Boomstick reference to your TV Tropes page until now when you underlined so much at the end of Chapter 2.

    • Ötty

      It looks like someone (you?) has done the honours on the boomstick reference. Cheers!

      Huh, we have a TV Tropes entry…

      • Yakumo

        Yep me. Hence the “until now”. And I had to add it, let since you gave such a good example and underlined it with the having to learn the broomstick speech comment.

        And yeah, it would have been more surprising if you hadn’t had one after all this time.

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