Pure black looking clear! My work is done soon here! Try getting back to me! Get back which used to be! Drink up! Shoot in! Let the beatings begin! Distributor of pain! Your loss becomes my gain! Anger! Misery! You'll suffer unto me...Harvester of sorrow! Language of the mad! Harvester of sorrow!

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  1. Ötty

    Want to thank our kind readers for wishing Sonya a happy birthday yesterday over on Twitter. You lot are the best. She really appreciated it!

  2. TheDerangedOne

    Alright, where’s that big industrial box high beam flashlight? Possibly could also use a shotgun but the flashlight’s of more importance right now. I doubt this thing like the light in high quantities all that much. Like broad daylight = high quantities for scaling.

  3. ColdFusion

    You want our pain? Shiit dude you can have it. Pick it up, take it away. Come back later, it refills often.

  4. Golux

    Heh, dumbass. Why get it only once and then run out? Go get yourself a seat in the UN, sit back in your chair and let it flow over you for a couple millennia or until humans extinct themselves, whichever comes first.

    • TheDerangedOne

      A busy intersection could also work.

  5. Shane

    it just seems to me there should still be common ground. put him to work in a movie theater or a haunted house. Hell he could even work at a dentists office of follow an IRS agent around.

  6. Ötty

    Wow, some of you are ON POINT with where we’re taking this thing. Have you been peeking at the advance pages on Patreon? Well done.

  7. Eiji Wolf
    Eiji Wolf

    Everyone ready? Awright… one, two, one-two-three-four-
    -We shall overco-o-ome…

    Kill it with luuv!

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