Beety and Veronicarrot, that's a lotta ammo!

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  1. Ötty

    We’re staring down the end of the story now, friends, and if you’re impatient to see the conclusion then we have good news for you!

    Read the entirety of Chapter 7: ESCAPE a month early for only 99 cents — High resolution, ad-free, in either PDF or CBR format. Buy it here: and save your receipt for a discount on the printed book once it’s available (before the end of the year, if all goes smoothly)!

    • MidniteInsomniaX

      THANK YOU the suspense was killing me!!

      • Ötty

        Got your back.

    • Chris S.
      Chris S.

      Hmmm…. Chekhov’s Tuber?

      So, when you say the end of the story, do you mean the chapter or the comic? Cause I’m hoping it’s not the end of the comic…

      • Sonya

        End of the chapter, not the comic. Zukahnaut is endless!

  2. Nevae

    If I had a gun and was sitting inside a tank with one shell left and Zukah is 300 yards away, right in my sights? Well the first thing I’m going to do is jump out of the tank and shoot myself because I don’t want to wound that son of a bitch and have him pissed off at me.

  3. TheFakeMcCoy

    So Ryan lost his trident to the miget bugs, got a replacement from Darius, and instead of displaying the new one in his store he took it home and stored it in his cellar…wonder if Setanta or Zukah kept taking it down or if he was worried the bugs might come back for that one too. Either way. Lucky.

  4. ShadowWolf

    This is the sort of thing I love, when the main character is constantly underestimated. That 6th and 7th panel….. chills.

  5. MikeLinPA

    So, Popeye has spinach and Zukah has potatoes and turnips??? Is that the idea?

    • TheFakeMcCoy

      Zukahnaut has been shown to have the alien power to charge up and explode potatoes (and other kinds of vegetables too, I think, going by certain strips in the oneshots section.) He’s brought down an entire building so far with one potato when he fought undead viking guy for the first time.

      • Ötty

        It does indeed extend to all vegetables, with slightly different forms of combustion for each! Stay tuned.

  6. TheDerangedOne

    And this is why you don’t want to piss off any big guy with green skin, be they muscle bound hulks or a bit more pudgy like Zukah here.
    Tends to end badly.

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