Aw, Zukah, you gimmegiver

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  1. Ötty

    That’s the end for this story, friends, and it also marks 3 years of us making these comics and sharing them with you! And for free, at that. If you think that’s silly, feel free to put us in our place by clicking on the STORE link in our menu or using the PayPal or Patreon buttons down below. Hosting this website gets expensive.

    That aside–wow! Three years! We must be enjoying ourselves!

    Thanks for joining us. Check back next time for the launch of ZUKAHNAUT VIII!

  2. ColdFusion

    oh daaaamnn the shadows… that is an effective single panel page
    wait, that was it? that chapter felt short.

  3. DarkKnightNNY

    You uh… you know “ominous foreshadowing” isn’t usually literal, right?

    Congrats on another chapter and another year!

  4. Shane

    the power of love and melancholy will either be like an all you can eat buffet or ricin poisoning . Will the crew be able to show the shadow monster the nutritive properties of the power of love?

  5. ShadowWolf

    …… I just noticed a detail that doesn’t look like good news.

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